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Elevate your workout routine with benches and machines

by Michael Corpuz on 0 Comments

Elevate your workout routine with benches and machines

Elevate your workout routine with benches and machines

Whether you are just getting started on your journey to a fit and healthier body and mind, or you have been on the track to fitness for a while now and are looking to level up the intensity of your workout regimen, machines and benches make for some great pieces of equipment to add to your workouts. These categories of workout equipment can help you dial up the toughness of your routine, especially if you are looking to build a home gym so that you can exercise from the comfort of your home, while still getting the amazing benefits of gym-grade equipment

Why use Benches

Sometimes, especially if you are a complete beginner, you may think benches are not of much importance and they will not make too much of a difference to your routine, but we are here to let you in on why we believe workout benches are a worthwhile investment.

Benches provide support for when you are lifting heavy

Even if you are using the bench to do bench presses, which we’ll get into later in this article, whenever you are doing strength training, it is essential to have some sort of support that you can hold on to so that your performance is not compromised and you can effectively complete your reps.  

This is because a lot of the times, especially when your muscles are not used to the movement under stress, you can lose your balance. This can lead to serious injuries which will not only cause you immense pain but can also hinder your progress. With the help of the ergonomically designed and padded workout benches, you will find on Body Latitude, any chances of such injuries to your joints, ligaments, backs, etc, can be avoided.

Along the same lines as the preceding point, benches will also allow you to maintain proper form during your reps so that muscle injury and fatigue can be avoided as well.

Benches make your workout routine versatile

In addition to supplementing your strength training workouts, benches can also come in handy for a lot of other types of exercises including bodyweight exercises such as crunches, waist cincher, booty bridge chair dips, lunges, squats, incline pushups, and a plethora of other movements.

Benches make it easier to target a specific muscle group

With the support that a workout bench provides you with, it becomes much easier to isolate specific muscle groups and train them individually. For instance, if you are looking to improve your upper body strength and gain muscle in or tone your shoulders, arms, latissimus dorsi (a.k.a lats), or abs, you can use the bench to execute movements such as the bear walk, bent over rows, chest presses, and many more.   

Types of benches you can find at Body Latitude

Insanely effective exercises to try with your workout bench

  • Incline Dumbbell Press or simple dumbbell chest press
  • Dumbbell Pullover
  • One-Arm Dumbbell Rows
  • Lying Triceps Extension
  • Incline Biceps Curl
  • Dumbbell Pull-Over
  • Seated Shoulder Press
  • Tri-Raise
  • High Row
  • Bench Dips
  • Russian Twists/Sit-Ups

Why use exercise machines

Exercise machines allow you to execute movements that involve maneuvering a fixed path with some form of resistance such as weight that is stabilized for you by a machine.

This way, instead of holding the weights that are providing the resistance and working them from a resting phase to a contracting phase, you will grab hold of a handle or the likes, and use the handle to move from point A to point B against the resistance.

There are many ways in which you can benefit from incorporating Body Latitude’s workout machines into your fitness journey. Some of the best advantages are as follow.

Exercises that involve machines are usually easier to learn and execute

This is especially helpful for beginners, since they may not feel confident and comfortable trying out some more complex movements, and exercise machines offer some of the easiest workouts.

More often than not, all you have to do is to take hold of the handles of the machine, whether it is an elliptical, a spin cycle, a stair masters, or any other machine, and staring working your way against the direction of resistance.

Doing your workouts on exercise machines is usually safer

Even though it is not entirely out of the question to get injured on an exercise machine, the likelihood is still extremely low, especially when compared to some other types of workouts such as weight training or High Intensity Interval Training with your body weight.

Types of exercise machines at Body Latitude

At Body Latitude, you can find just the right workout machine to help you get started on your fitness journey so that you can start seeing the results of your hard work right from the outset. Some of the ellipticals, cycles and multipurpose workout machines you can get your hands on today include


With all that being said, we hope you now understand why you should probably not skip out on investing in Body Latitude’s machines and benches, especially if you are building your home gym!


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