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Ab Rollers: What they are and how they work

by Michael Corpuz on 0 Comments

Ab Roller total workout

Ab rollers are a type of workout accessory or equipment. The primary purpose of ab rollers is to help you engage in movements that will blast the muscles in your core and make it stronger. However, regardless of whether you are a beginner or if you are progressing to a higher level of fitness, you must remember that exercises that you do with ab rollers can be very intimidating because mastering the ab roller workouts is no easy feat because it involves the use of direct movements and isolates and works the deepest muscles in your abdomen.

To summarize, the ab roller workouts target mainly your core, but also the muscles in your chest, shoulders, and upper as well as the lower back.  It is genuinely better to try your hand with ab rollers when you have already reached an intermediate to advanced level.

What happens when you work with ab rollers?

The exercises that you can do with ab rollers work the deepest layer of muscles in your abdomen, which are also known as the transverse rectus abdominus, obliques, and the lower back. In addition to these muscles, ab roller exercises also target the latissimus dorsi and shoulder muscles. Since the ab roller causes your body to be a bit unstable, the muscles in your core take over and work harder to maintain stability and posture.

This makes ab roller workouts an incredibly effective form of exercise to strengthen and build the muscles in your core.

Rollout movements that you perform with ab rollers are an insanely effective exercise, but it is a secret that they can also be quite physically demanding at the same time. This is because rollout with ab wheels do not only blast your core muscles, but they also help in developing your upper body strength because these moves cannot be performed with correct technique and effectively if your arms, shoulders, and pecs are not strong enough to sustain the full range of motion.

Basic Exercises to try with the Ab Rollers

The three basic movements that we have listed below are designed to help you efficiently master the ab roller and its workouts so that even if you are a beginner, you can start from the most basic and modified movements and work your way up to harder variations of the workouts once your muscles get stronger and your body can effectively take on the new challenge. Listed below you will find step by step instructions that teach you the proper technique to execute each movement.

Basic Abs Roller Rollout

  • Get down onto your knees, while making sure to keep your body upright
  • Grab on to the handles of you ab roller
  • Rest the ab roller onto the ground and lean over while making sure that you keep your pelvic tight, which will make sure you avoid chances of injury to your lower back
  • Engage your glutes and lead with your hips, while making sure to hold the proper form
  • Engage your core muscles and roll out as far as you can go, and then bring the ab roller back in toward your body so that you are back in the position you started in.

Negative Rollout

This is specifically designed for beginners, who have not yet gotten a hold of a proper rollout.

  • Starting from the same position as in the basic rollout, i.e. knelt down, begin your negative rollout by going as far as you can possibly go
  • Then, instead of rolling back to the kneeling position, drop your body to the floor before coming back up
  • Make sure the hardest part of the negative rollout, i.e. the forward roll is some 3 to 5 seconds long.

Standing Rollout

When you are used to the negative or the basic rollout, a great next move to try is the standing rollout.

  • Instead of starting from your knees like in a basic or negative rollout, start from a stable, strong, upright standing position
  • Next, begin to slowly and with control, roll your way down until you are in a plank position
  • Engage your core and hold the plank for a few seconds, then make your way back up

An important thing to remember when you are first getting into working out with ab rollers is to keep the rollout distance short. Then, when you begin feeling comfortable, you can slowly work your way up in distance and then eventually perform the entire range of motion. A great tip is to first try and see if you can hold a traditional plank for 30 to 60 seconds, before starting ab roller exercises.

Benefits of using Ab rollers to strengthen your core

With just one piece of exercise equipment, you can essentially train so many major muscle groups in your body, including your upper back, lower back, shoulders and chest, glutes, and obviously your core.

Especially in the case of core muscles, strengthening means you are making many of the everyday activities in your life much easier because your core muscles are involved to some extent in almost every movement you engage in throughout the day.

And along the same lines, strengthening the muscles in your core can also drastically help in reducing back pain by taking away the burden of keeping your body upright off your spine.

Common mistakes to look out for and avoid

Choosing the wrong type or size of ab roller

Ab Workout Aquipment

When you visit our stores at Body Latitude, you will find that we carry a wide array of different types, sizes, and makes of ab rollers, some that are generic and others that are specialized for a highly specific purposes. It is important for you to assess your level of fitness and your exact requirements before deciding which ab roller you will be purchasing for to take your workouts to the next level.  This is because the wrong size or type can cause problems with technique, form, and stability when rolling out.

Forgetting to engage your core

Many people forget to control and engage their core when doing the rollouts, even though the effectiveness of the entire exercise hinges upon this engagement. If you do not keep your core tight, you may cause problems in your lower back by dropping your hips, which can lead to injury and immense back pain.

Using your back to rollout instead of your core

Even though the upper and lower back are involved to some extent in this movement, the main area of focus is your core, so make sure to keep your core tights and use it to roll out and reversing into the starting position.



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